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Encouraging Girls in Math and Science

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    Girls in Math & Science > Overview & Tools
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    Intermediate (4-6), Middle School (6-8), Primary (K-3)

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    Doing What Works

Women are less involved in career paths and post-secondary education in some areas of math and science than men. This pattern starts at school. Use this short overview to learn about the strategies for encouraging girls in math and science at school. The overview presents five research-based instructional and feedback strategies for teachers at all grade levels.

This topic includes five recommended practices:

  • Teach students that the brain grows when they practice and learn new material. (Ability is Expandable)
  • Provide prescriptive, informational feedback on strategies and effort. (Prescriptive Feedback)
  • Show students female role models to counter gender stereotypes. (Female Role Models)
  • Spark initial curiosity and foster long-term interest in math and science. (Sparking Curiosity)
  • Teach students spatial skills such as how to visualize and manipulate forms and shapes. (Teaching Spatial Skills)

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