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Dropout Prevention

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    Dropout Prevention > Overview & Tools
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    High School (9-12)

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    Doing What Works

Use this multimedia overview to learn about practices for dropout prevention. Through diagnosis of the problem, providing targeted interventions, and establishing schoolwide programs, schools can create research-based and practical solutions to keep students in school, reduce dropout rates, and recover students who left school.

This topic includes six recommended practices:

  • Use data systems to identify individual students at high risk of dropping out. (Data Systems)
  • Assign adult advocates to students at risk of dropping out. (Adult Advocates)
  • Provide academic support and enrichment to improve academic performance. (Academic Supports)
  • Implement programs to improve students' classroom behavior and social skills. (Social/Behavior Programs)
  • Personalize the learning environment and instructional process. (Learning Environment)
  • Provide rigorous and relevant instruction to engage students and build skills. (Rigorous/Relevant Instruction)

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