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    High School (9-12), Intermediate (4-6), Middle School (6-8)

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    Doing What Works

Data from recent national assessments indicate that many middle and high school students are failing to comprehend text at a proficient level. Even high school students with average reading ability are unprepared for the literacy demands of the workplace and postsecondary settings. Watch this multimedia overview to learn about five research-based, instructional practice recommendations for improving literacy levels in middle and high school.

This topic includes four recommended practices:

  • Provide explicit vocabulary instruction and strategies to help students become independent vocabulary learners. (Vocabulary Instruction)
  • Provide direct and explicit comprehension strategy instruction. (Comprehension Strategies)
  • Provide opportunities for extended text discussion and student engagement. (Text Discussion)
  • Provide intensive intervention for struggling readers and monitor all students' reading progress. (Intensive Intervention)

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